About Rackburst

Rackburst provides quality Virtual Private Server (VPS) that come with SuperFast SSD RAID10 Disk Storage, use Enterprise-class Intel Xeon Processors, and have excellent network connectivity all as standard.

Our Comapany

Founded in 2007, ABPNI Computer Solutions Ltd, the owners and operators of Rackburst, have ben providing rock-solid I.T. solutions to customers throughout the world. Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced, and will always strive to ensure that your service is running as well as it possibly can.

Friendly Support

Rackburst support staff enjoy doing their job. We take pride in helping our customers and gain a lot of pleasure when we make our customers happy.

It's easy to get help from us. We have our lengendary Live Chat service available on our website, or you can use support tickets as usual via our customer portal.

Our Network

All servers and network infrastructure throughout the ABPNI network (including Rackburst) is monitored 24/7. We use PRTG as our monitoring software which gives us detailed insights into our network, and most of the time allows us to fix problems before our customers are even aware of any issues!

For our UK plans, all Rackburst servers are hosted in Nottingham (UK), in a datacentre owned by Rapidswitch. For our Germany plans, our servers are located in Frankfurt, in a datacentre owned by First-Colo GmbH. Both providers are very reputable, who run first-class networks with diverse fibre links back to the central Internet exchanges located in London and Frankfurt respectively. In addition to their highly reliable network, both datacentres are physically secure with 24/7 CCTV and standby UPS and generators in-case of a power outage.

All VPS nodes are owned by ourselves and are colocated at the above datacentres. As a company commited to investment and growth, our servers are continuously upgraded to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Money Back Promise

Here at Rackburst, we want to make sure that you are happy. We realise that there are many competitiors out there and we want you to be sure that Rackburst is the best choice for you. While we are confident that you will find this to be the case, we are happy to give you a full 100% refund within 10-days if you are at all unhappy with our service. You've got nothing to loose!

Why should I use a VPS?

Unlike standard shared Web Hosting which can be very unflexible, a VPS gives you complete control over your software environment, just like you would get with a dedicated server! This means you can configure things exactly the way you want them to be, and can run/host any software you would like to. You get full root access to the Linux Operating System which means the world really is your oister!

What is SSD Storage?

Solid State Disks (SSD) are one of the latest new technologies when it comes to data storage. Like a normal hard drisk, they are used to store the files and folder of your VPS. However, an SSD drive is many, many times faster than a standard disk, and expecially excells in a VPS environment, leading to shorter file seek times, and greatly improved overall performance.

What is Standard Storage?

Whilst SSDs provide very fast disk access, they are considerably more expensive than regular disks. This is why the space offered with our packages may seem to be lower than our competitiors who don't use SSD storage. This is why we offer standard storage with every Rackburst VPS! And since this storage is remote (i.e. stored on a different server to your VPS), it's perfect for making backups, or for using it as regular storage if you wish.