Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your support options?

It's easy to get support from us. We offer help via our lengendary Live Chat feature on our website, or via support tickets via the customer portal.

Our support service includes all hardware performance and network related issues, as well as queries regarding your account.

We aim to respond to all tickets within 1 hour, however usually we get back to you within 10 minutes.

2. What Operating Systems are available?

We are currently able to offer the following Linux distributions:

CentOS 5, CentOS 6, CentOS 7, Debian Squeeze 6.0, Debian Wheezy 7.0, Debian Jessie 8.0, Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 14.04

If you want a paticular O/S which isn't listed above, please do get in touch with us and we will see what we can do.

Your are able to reinstall your OS at any time instantly via our VPS Control Panel.

3. Can I Upgrade/downgrade later on?

Absolutely! Unlike many other VPS providers out there, we don't make you lose all of your data or software.

The technology we use allows us to grow or shrink your VPS without requiring any downtime whatsoever!

4. Do you offer IPV6?

RackBurst is pleased to offer native IPv6 addresses to all of our customers.

Never choose a VPS provider that does not support IPv6, as this is the future of the Internet to ensure long-term sustainable growth. Don't get left behind!

5. What about Backups?

By default, all VPS disks on our network are stored on RAID arrays, so you are automatically protected from disk failure.

All Rackburst VPS package come with remote storage space as standard, which is perfect if you wish to backup your important data. You can easily use rsync to make use of this space.

RackBurst will of course give you a helping hand if you are having any trouble setting up your backup scripts.

6. How does billing work?

We want to make life as easy for you as possible. We accept payment by credit card or paypal.

If you wish to pay by a different method not listed above, then please get in touch with us, and we will see what we can do.

7. Can I get console access?

We recommend that you access the console on your VPS via SSH.

This is the fastest, most secure way to access your system, and can even be limited to your IP address by using our managed firewall service. If for some reason the ssh daemon on your VPS becomes unavailable, then we are able to offer "out of band" console access via our control panel system, which allows you to fix any problems.

8. Can I buy extra public IPs?

You sure can. We have plenty of IPv4 available so please contact us to discuss adding extra IPs to your VPS.

9. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We sure do!

RackBurst is pleased to offer a 10-day money back guarantee, just to give you that extra peace of mind!

10. Are there any setup charges?

None at all.

11. How long does it take to set up my order?

Most order are processed and provisioning immediately, giving you instant setup. There is a slim chance that some order may be marked for manual review, in which cause you order will be ready as soon as possible.

12. Do you have a test IP?

You can down a test file below for our different datacentres:

Nottingham, UK: Download Test File or ping
Frankfurt, Germany: Download Test File or ping

13. Are TUN/TAP and PPP available?

They are indeed. You can enable these via the VPS Control Panel.

14. What is your relationship with ABPNI?

RackBurst is a division of UK-based ABPNI Computer Solutions Ltd, who provide home and business I.T. support and maintenance services, with support and engineering staff located in England to deal with Rackburst issue. We are part of The ABPNI Group. You can be rest assured that with the wealth of knowledge and experience that ABPNI staff have, your VPS will be in good hands.

15. Do you have any Terms of Service (ToS) or Acceptable Use Policies (AUP)?

As with most businesses, we do have these and can be found here