Privacy Policy

Rackburst takes the privacy of your personal information very seriously. This policy states what we do with your personal information.

  • Your personal information is used to provide the Rackburst services to you, as stated in our Terms of Service.

  • We will never sell your personal information to third parties.

  • When required by a relavent law of the United Kingdom or by our upstream service provider, we will use your details to aid in the fighting of activities that our against our terms of service.

  • Your IP address is logged for security and fraud prevention purposes. It is also used for statistics gathering however this informaion is annonamised as we are not able to relate a sepcific IP address with a specific site activty, with regards to statistics collection.

  • We use cookies on our site so that you do not have to enter your Username and Password on every page. Cookies are also used for the aforementioned statistics gathering to enable us to improve our site. All cookies can be disable in your web browser.

  • The personal details we store about you can mostly be obtained via our customer portal, free of charge. For a small fee of £10, we are able to disclose any other information we hold about you within our internal systems, that is not visable in the customer portal.